Falcon Lodge Community Hub, Churchill Rd, Sutton Coldfield, B75 7LB

The Story so far…

In 1988 at the request of the leadership team at Hockley Pentecostal
Church, Henry Wattis started a Bible study group in Sutton Coldfield.
We began as a small group of people meeting in homes but as interest
grew we started running Friday night services at Sutton Coldfield Town
Hall. We called these meetings the ‘Burning Bush’ and they were
attended by people from all denominations.

There was a great deal of interest in this group so a non
denominational church was started at Sutton Coldfield Town Hall.
During this time we held a meeting called the Burning Bush which was
attended by people from all denominations. These were really exciting
meetings where God moved greatly in the lives of people. Many were
saved, filled with Holy Spirit, healed, delivered and transformed.

After these meetings people wanted somewhere local that they could
connect with to continue their walk with God. This desire led to the
birth of Sutton Christian Centre. We continued to meet at the town
hall for some time after this.

In 2000 one of our elders (Dennis Parkes) started a youth club in
Walsall Wood. This was a real success and many young people attended
and were impacted by the work started there. This led to the
establishment of a church plant called ‘The Well’. This work was a
great success and in 2010 was given a grant of £300,000 to create a
purpose build building. The work there still continues today.

We purchased a double decker bus in order to be able to work more with
our community. We took the bus out to the town centre, to local parks
and various estates in Sutton Coldfield. One of those estates was
Falcon Lodge. It was in 2006 we felt led by God to relocate from the
Town Hall to Falcon Lodge. In order to be able to work more
extensively with the community there.

During this time we started to meet at Falcon Lodge Community Centre
and looked for ways in which we could serve our community. We have run
many projects since being there engaging with the children, youth,
families and the elderly on the estate. We have run children’s clubs,
youth groups, community events, schools projects, social enterprise
schemes, mentoring programs, leadership training. The work continues
and we are excited to see the new adventures that God has for us.